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Resources to Assist those Facing Foreclosure


Posted Date: October 09, 2008

U.S. Housing Market Conditions (Published Quarterly)
U.S. Housing Market Conditions is a compilation of statistical data and written reports. Tabular data indicate market conditions on the national level and are presented for each quarter. This includes information on delinquencies, foreclosures, sales, and price trends. Overviews of economic and housing market trends within each HUD region and historical trends in national and regional housing markets are regular features of this report.

Untangling the Sources of Mortgage Closing Costs (September 2008 issue of ResearchWorks)
This article from HUD USER's monthly newsletter, ResearchWorks, provides insight drawn from recent HUD research into the fees and closing cost variations paid to lenders and mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and title companies. The research calls for better and clearer consumer information as wide variations in costs between services and lenders, as well as price discrimination, indicate a less-than-competitive market.

A Study of Closing Costs for FHA Mortgages (May 2008, 270 p.)
This study presents findings on how much borrowers pay in closing costs when they buy a house, how much these costs vary, and factors to which the variation is related.

Providing Alternatives to Mortgage Foreclosure: A Report to Congress (August 1996, 200 p.)
This report reviews foreclosure laws, investigates the use of various avoidance procedures, and cites areas for continued improvement. It urges greater uniformity among state foreclosure laws and calls for agencies to provide better incentives for loan servicers to initiate loan modifications and forbearances.

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