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The goal of Cityscape is to bring high-quality original research on housing and community development issues to scholars, government officials, and practitioners. Cityscape is open to all relevant disciplines, including architecture, consumer research, demography, economics, engineering, ethnography, finance, geography, law, planning, political science, public policy, regional science, sociology, statistics, and urban studies.

Cityscape is published three times a year by the Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Double Issue: The Rental Assistance Demonstration | The Hispanic Housing Experience in the United States
  • Volume 23 Number 2
  • Managing Editor: Mark D. Shroder
  • Associate Editor: Michelle P. Matuga

Referees 2020–21

The Office of Policy Development and Research gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following referees and their assistance in making Cityscape worth reading.

Mike Bader
Adam Bibler
Casey Blount
Luis Borray
Nathan Bossie
Chalita Brandly
Rachel Bratt
Jill Breysse
Justin Brock
Greg Byrne
Thomas Byrne
Jacqueline Carmichael
Ernesto Castañeda
Karen Chapple
Amber Crowell
Stephany DeScisciolo

Alexander Din
Lei Ding
Elizabeth Cochran Fernandez
Anne Fletcher
Veronica Helms Garrison
Emily Hamilton
Peter Han
David Hardiman
Rob Hazelton
Portia Hemphill
Mike Hollar
John Iceland
Jeffrey Lin
Jens Ludwig
Nicholas Marantz
Brent Mast
Ellen Diaz McConnell
Raven Molloy

Ann Elizabeth Montgomery
Lisa Moon
Jagruti Rehki
Lynn Rodgers
Elizabeth Rudd
Luis Sanchez
Jenny Schuetz
Beth Shinn
Teresa Souza
Barry Steffen
Alaina Stern
Brian Stromberg
Lydia Taghavi
Lori Thomas
Sarah Zapolsky


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