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The goal of Cityscape is to bring high-quality original research on housing and community development issues to scholars, government officials, and practitioners. Cityscape is open to all relevant disciplines, including architecture, consumer research, demography, economics, engineering, ethnography, finance, geography, law, planning, political science, public policy, regional science, sociology, statistics, and urban studies.

Cityscape is published three times a year by the Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • The Housing-Health Connection
  • Volume 20, Number 2
  • Managing Editor: Mark D. Shroder
  • Associate Editor: Michelle P. Matuga

Referees 2017–18

The Office of Policy Development and Research gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following referees and their assistance in making Cityscape worth reading.

Jason Amirhadji
Mindy Ault
Cara Berton
Stephen Billings
Charles Branas
Paul Byrne
Kathryn A. Carroll
George R. Carter III
Elizabeth Cochran
Dennis Culhane
Andrew L. Dannenberg
Ryan Devlin
Shawn Du
Mark Dynarski
Renia Ehrenfeucht
Ethan Elkind
Ingrid Gould Ellen

Michael Eriksen
Anne Fletcher
Matt Freedman
Philip M.E. Garboden
Regina Gray
Daniel Hindman
Michael K. Hollar
Paul Joice
Kevin Kane
Bree Lang
Eric Larson
Sabriya Linton
Kirk McClure
Edgar O. Olsen
Josh Pacewicz
Danilo Pelletiere
Jagruti Rekhi

John Renne
Eric Roberts
Elizabeth Rudd
Galen Savidge-Wilkins
Corianne Payton Scally
Jenny Schuetz
Heather Schwartz
Alan Simon
Teresa Souza
Philip Tegeler
Rachel Thornton
Chris Trent
Maya Venkataramani
Nicole Elsasser Watson
Richard Wilson
Kamillah Wood


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