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Partnering across borders and across sectors
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We create and maximize strategic partnerships. Simply put, that means we team up with the international and philanthropic communities to target shared goals.

Our Team: We come from diverse backgrounds in government, philanthropy, nonprofit, and business. From these experiences, we understand the value of collaboration across sectors to drive engagement.

Our Capabilities:

  • Provide advice and consultation to those seeking to partner
  • Facilitate information exchange and learning opportunities
  • Identify partnership opportunities to enhance HUD’s impact
  • Develop plans for collaboration and joint action
  • Capture and disseminate knowledge
  • Coordinate research between scholars, government officials, and practitioners

US-EU Exchange webinar

Join us on September 23rd for our second US-EU Exchange webinar: How to achieve energy-efficient and affordable housing. Speakers include Theodore Toone, Director for Housing Efficiency at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Maria T. Vargas, Director for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, and MEP Kim Van Sparrentak.

US-Israel Research Exchange Project – Urban Regeneration



Jamaica Ministry Meeting





Peace Corps Week 2021



hilanthropic Efforts in Racial Equity





HUD’s International Role in the 1970s



US-Israel Research Exchange Project – GIS Mapping





US-Israel City Exchange Project – Philadelphia, Camden, Rishon LeZion, & Herzliya



US-Israel City Exchange Project – Miami, Tel Aviv, Eilat, & Nahariya





US-Israel City Exchange Project – DC & Jerusalem



US-Japan Aging in Place Mini Virtual Forum





UNECE Housing 2021



State Department Embassy Science Fellow





OECD Intermediary Cities Project



Horizontal Housing Project Steering Group Meeting





Community Gardens Can Help Increase Food Security



US – Israel Research Exchange: Housing Market Data Analysis





OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth



OECD Regional Development Policy Committee Working Parties Meeting





New Deal for Housing Justice



U.S. and Japan Case Studies: Aging In Place 2020





The New Leipzig Charter



35th session of the U.S. – Israel Joint Economic Development Group







Disaster Funders Call



Habitat for Humanity Report: How housing can help emerging market economies rebound from COVID-19







IPAD at German Ministry’s Annual Urban Conference



International Engagement at a Distance: OECD highlight







UNECE Housing and Land Management Meeting



AHURI/HUD COVID-19 International Housing Policy Roundtable







OECD Working Party on Urban Policy



Project HomeKey Discussion with the Barcelona Housing Department







Brazilian Delegation Visited the U.S.



Report of the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum







2020 winners of the Secretary’s Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships








Scaling Solutions II



IPAD’s Philanthropic Toolkit Training for HUD Staff