Advancing Equity in the Home Valuation Process

Additional Resources

Collateral Damage: The Consequences of Racial Bias in the Residential Appraisal Process
The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) partnered with the National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA) to host a public forum that explored how fair housing laws can be used to challenge discriminatory appraisals and help build wealth in communities of color. The forum covers topics such as appraiser-specific standards, laws regarding discrimination, historical effects of racism on the devaluation of real property in Black communities, methods used to artificially deflate or inflate appraisals of real property in Black communities, and implicit and explicit bias evidenced in some appraisals. The Collateral Damage website includes helpful resources, such as recent studies and articles.

Job Aid: Flowchart of the Real Estate Appraisal Process
This job aid includes a flowchart of a typical home appraisal, as well as an introduction of the different parties involved in the appraisal process. It serves as a tool for effective investigative planning to address allegations of home appraisal bias.